Valentine's Wax Melts

Heart-shaped wax melts, Valentine's gifts for her, plus more. All you need to create the perfect romantic Valentine's night in! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are valentine's wax melts?

Valentine's Day melts are scented wax bits that are often shaped like hearts and placed in fragrance warmers to provide a romantic home fragrance.

Can ordinary candle warmers be used with Valentine's Day melts?

As long as the warmer is made to melt wax, Valentine's Day melts may be used in a conventional candle warmer.

Which fragrances are popular for Valentine's Day melts?

Lavender, vanilla, rose, and jasmine are a few of the preferred smells for Valentine's Day melts.


Can I use Valentine's Day melts around my pet?

Yes you can use our melts around pets. But. any type of scented wax product should be used with caution around dogs.

Can handmade candles be created with Valentine's Day melts?

Yes, you may make handmade candles with Valentine's Day melts. Just add a wick and pour the heated wax into a candle mould. Your handmade candle is prepared for use after the wax has dried out.