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Wax Melts Reviews: Everything You Need To know!

Looking to fragance your home with the best wax melts company in the UK? Here is everything you need to know for wax melts reviews.

Why Village Wax Melts started?

wax melt review for 2023

We're Village Wax Melts, a small family business based in Manchester, UK. Owned by husband & wife Abi & Karl.

We started making wax melts back in 2017 as we struggled to find any wax melts we were happy with. We found that most lost all their scent after the first burn, meaning it was becoming very expensive to keep our home smelling fragrant!

We are both naturally curious and after some research we began making our own wax melts. Following months of trial and error we were happy with the finished product.

Village Wax Melts has gone from strength to strength over the last 4 years. Loved by over 30,000 customers including Stacey Solomon, Village Wax Melts is quickly becoming one of the leading wax melt brands in the UK.

At Village Wax Melts our goal is to create high-quality scented products without the luxury price tag. Our wax melts are hand made using a soy wax blend and high-quality fragrance oil to provide to strong & long-lasting scent you have been searching for!

Although our strong & long-lasting wax melts are what we're known best for, we have several collections of highly scented products. Squeezy wax melts, gel wax melts exfoliating soap sponges, bath bombs, wood wick candles, room sprays, gift sets & more, there's something for everyone at Village Wax Melts.

We promise you won't find better scents anywhere online, we truly believe we make the best wax melts in the UK.

Why are wax melts so popular?

Why are wax melts so popular

Wax melts are so popular because they are an affordable, fun and easy alternative to wax melts. Village Wax Melts stock a variety of wax melt fragrances, from fruity & sweet, clean & fresh scents, to aftershave and perfume inspired wax melts!

Benefits of using wax melts 

Benefits of using wax melts

Fragrance has the ability to change your mood, or transport you back to special memories from the past. 

For example, lavender wax melts have the ability to relax you, citrus wax melts such as lemon sherbet or lime basil and mandarin have the ability to improve your mood, and bakery scents have the ability to transport you back to your grandmas kitchen.

Wax melts such as pumpkin spice, toasted marshmallow, apple and cinnamon and warm gingerbread are particularly popular in autumn due to how they create a cosy atmosphere.

Why choose Village Wax Melts? 

As a small family business we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, fantastic products and we truly care about our customers. 

Village Wax Melts has collected over 4000 trustpilot reviews with an average score of 4.9/5.0. Also see our growing Instgram.

Here are some of our most recent reviews:


Sarah's Review

Amazing service - fast delivery. I love my exfoliating soap filled sponge- I'll definitely be buying more! The free gift ( 3 wax melts) was a very nice touch and most appreciated! -Sarah, Trustpilot

Julie's Review

I’m really pleased with VWM, I’ve tried a lot of other wax melts but these are definitely the best.I do have a few favourites that I repeatedly purchase but I do like to try new ones too. The delivery time is excellent, they normally arrive within a few days of ordering.I wouldn’t use another company now, they have excellent customer care too. -Julie, Trustpilot

Max's Review

Love ordering from village wax melts. You're kept informed about your order, deliver, dispatch etc. The products smell amazing and the wax melts last for around 16hours which you can't get at many places! Absolutely love the lime basil and mandarin and also the creed. -Max, Trustpilot

Magdalene's Review

Received my wax melts, perfectly packaged, smelling so good 🥰
I love them!! Anyone who likes using wax melts would not be disappointed with the quality. -Magdalene, Trustpilot

Sarah's Review

These gel wax melts are amazing and the smell is unreal. So much easier, no mess -Sarah, Trustpilot

Debbie's Review

The autumn wax melts smell amazing!! They arrived really quickly too, I’m super excited to start using them. Could smell them through the packaging, even the postman said how lovely the smell was!!!..☺️ - Debbie, Trustpilot

Amie's Review

Amazing. Just tried the gel wax and I love them. Not expensive like some brands. Strong scent too. -Amie, Trustpilot

Alison's Review

Amazing products, my whole house smells amazing!!
The whole experience with village wax melts is amazing from start to finish from ordering right through to the arrival of the products. Currently deciding what I’m going to order next!! -Alison, Trustpilot

Michelle's Review

Quick delivery, fabulous products used the gel wax melts for the first time and I’m in love. I also got the plug in wax burner which I am obsessed with the whole house smells Devine. -Michelle, Trustpilot