Bath Bombs

Shop lush bath bombs for a relaxing and colourful touch at bath time. They are a perfect addition to candle melts and exfoliating soap sponges. If it's for you or a bath bomb for him or her, you will find it in our product range below. All products come with fast delivery, so you will have your dreamy, fizzy bath quickly. 

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About Village Wax Melt Bath Bombs

The greatest way to give your bathing experience a lush, calming, and colourful touch is with one of our Lush wax melts or bath bombs. Any candle melts and an exfoliating soap sponge would be ideal additions. If it's a bath bomb for you, him, or her, you can find it in the product selection listed below. All goods have quick shipping, so you can immediately enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a bath bomb?

A bath bomb is a fun way to make your bath (and you) smell amazing!

Is it safe to take a bath with a bath bomb?

All our bath bombs are cosmetically tested and approved, which means they are safe to use! If you have any allergies or concerns or if you are pregnant, we recommend that you speak to a doctor before using any cosmetic products.

Are bath bombs soap?

Bath bombs don’t contain soap; they contain scents and colours to make your bath look and smell amazing! Our bath bombs are only made using watercolours; we do not use any pigments in our bath bombs so that there is no risk of staining, and they are much gentler on the skin (you can also see our buying tips for bath bombs).