Reed Diffusers & Refills

A classy addition to the home and fragrances to match any room our reed diffusers are sure to impress! Lasting at least 3 months and with over 15 fragrances to choose from VWM diffusers make a beautiful gift or why not treat yourself? Perfect addition to our woodwick candle scents and vanilla wax melts. Also refill your home with our reed diffuser refills.

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Wax Melt Scented Reed Diffusers Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best reed diffusers to buy?

At Village Wax Melts we have over 15 reed diffuser scents that each last at least 3 months! In our opinion, they are some of the best, most affordable reed diffusers on the market. don't forget to check out the best wax melts online.

Can you buy refills for reed diffusers?

Yes! No need to buy a new reed diffuser once yours is finished, you can simply buy a refill here: Reed Diffuser 100ml They even come with free replacement reeds!

Can you refill reed diffusers with Zoflora?

It is not recommended that you fill your empty diffuser with Zoflora. It is a concentrated cleaning product and you should always dilute the product and follow the safety instructions Zoflora provide. It is recommended that once your reed diffuser bottle is empty, you refill it with a diffuser refill with some new reeds: Alien Reed diffuser 100ml refil.

Can you reuse reed diffusers?

Once all the liquid in your diffuser has evaporated, you can use the diffuser jar again however you will need one of our diffuser refills and some fresh reeds!