Gel Wax Melts / Jelly Wax Melts

Gel wax melts burn just as long as our heart shaped wax melts and once cooled the gel wax simply peels away from your burner. So easy!

You only need to use a small amount of the tub in your burner so they are great value for money. Start with a quarter of a tub and add more if needed.

Simply place some of the gel wax melt into your wax warmer, and allow the amazing fragrances fill the room within minutes. Once the wax melt has cooled you can flip the wax to get the best out of your gel wax!

Each pot contains approx. 36g giving you over 40 hours of burn time. With a wide range of different fragrances, you're sure to find your favourite.

Gel wax is made from blended mineral oil which is both vegan and cruelty free.

Please ensure to only use 4 hour unscented tealights and a burner with a height of at least 10cm. 

Wax Melt Packaging

Our goal is to provide high-quality scented products, without the luxury price tag. Often, when a company describes themselves as ‘luxury’, this translates to ‘expensive’, and it’s usually the packaging you’re paying for, not the quality of the product. We wanted to avoid this happening with our business, so although the quality of our product and packaging has improved drastically over the years, we’re pleased to say that they are still affordable and great value for money!

Shipping and delivery

We aim to post all orders within 3 working days, however during busier periods shipping may take longer. If you would like an update on your order please email and quote your order number. In order to return an order, please contact us via email first. Returns can be mailed to: Unit 4c Towngate Business Park, M38 0PT. You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs with regard to the items that you wish to return. You must take care to ensure that the goods are properly packaged so that they will not be damaged while in transit. If the product is found damaged, then we may reject a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use gel wax melts in my wax burner or wax warmer?

The short answer is yes as long as your wax burner is above 11cm in height gel wax melts should be safe to use. Gel wax is not suitable in oil burners just like any other wax however if the wax begins to smoke, blow out the tea light immediately as this is a fire hazard. When using a new type of wax melt or when using a new wax burner its always important to keep a particularly close eye on it to make sure its safe. This will also give you peace of mind in the future. 

As with all wax melts, never leave gel wax melts unattended, and always use standard sized, unscented tealights if you are using a tealight wax burner.

Can you use gel wax melts in an electric burner?

Yes, electric wax warmers are becoming more popular due to the ability to choose the power setting and there being no need for tea lights which makes them a safer option. Gel wax is more suited to the medium and high power settings on your electric wax burner due to its high melting point however the scent may be stronger in a tealight burner as they reach a higher temperature releasing more of the fragrance. 

Why choose gel wax melts?

Gel wax melts make it extremely easy to remove the wax from your wax burner once the wax has cooled. Simply peel it out the dish. It is very satisfying! Gel wax melts are long lasting as it melts at a higher temperature than other waxes. Gel wax melts also have a good hot scent throw. Gel wax is also vegan friendly.

What is gel wax made from? 

Gel wax is a synthetic wax made from mineral oils and polymer resin, this gives the wax a long-lasting burn with a slow melt rate. This also gives it a rubbery texture and allows it to be completely transparent. Because of the clarity of gel wax, it gives off about 40% more luminescence than regular paraffin wax providing more light into your home when used in candles.

How long do gel wax melts last?

Gel wax was designed with long lasting scent in mind. It has a much higher melting temperature than both paraffin and soy wax so it takes much longer to release all the fragrance. You can expect to get 40 hours of fragrance per 40g pod. 

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