Plug In Wax Warmers

Our stunning range of plug-in wax melt warmers is perfect for use with wax melts. They also work beautifully as night lamps. Plug-in wax burners are generally more convenient than a conventional wax burners as they are easily moved around the house and take up very little space. They can easily be switched on and off either on the appliance or on the socket, and add a lovely burst of light to any room. Browse through our selection of styles and find the perfect plug-in wax warmer for you. Please remember to always keep plug-in wax burners out of reach of children and pets and to ensure you keep them away from any flammable materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you keep a wax melter plugged in on all night?

You may leave a tealight wax warmer on for four to twelve hours, or until the aroma fades. Up to 10 hours, or until the wax melt has ceased emitting aroma, can be spent using electric wax warmers.

Are wax warmers that plug in a fire hazard?

Only after the wax is sufficiently heated to melt can a wax warmer emit aroma. While there is no fire risk associated with wax warmers, there is always a chance of risks if they are left unattended. Only damaged electrical wire caused by overheating in the socket poses a fire risk.

Are wax burners that plug in secure?

So there you have it, using wax melters is quite safe. That is, if you are using a good wax melt in it. Of course, before leaving, you must switch it off or blow out the tealight. Always be careful to keep children and animals away from the wax melter.

Are wax melts more effective than plug-ins?

This is due to the fragrance oil's abrupt dissipation. Wax melts, in comparison, produce a more balanced feeling since they are delivered gradually. Additionally, they burn at a lower temperature, which prolongs the fragrance's life by up to 60%. This is why using a wax melt is typically simpler.