Plug In Wax Warmers & Burners

Our stunning range of plug-in wax melt warmers is perfect for use with wax melts. They also work beautifully as night lamps. Plug-in wax burners are generally more convenient than conventional wax burners as they are easily moved around the house and take up very little space. They can easily be switched on and off on the appliance or the socket, adding a lovely burst of light to any room.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are wax melts more effective use in plug-in wax warmers?

Wax melts are just as effective in plug-in wax warmers. You may find that wax melts last longer in plug-in wax warmers as the scent is released more gradually over a longer period. 

Can you keep a plug-in wax melter plugged in all night? 

You should leave a tealight wax warmer on for no more than 8 hours.