Room Perfume Sprays

Add an instant burst of fragrance to your room with a spritz of our Room Perfume. Use as little or as much as you like in each room to achieve the perfect amount of scent for you!

  • Snow Fairies- A combination of cotton candy, vanilla and cherry, blended together to create a sweet bubblegum scent! Inspired by Lush Snow Fairy.
  • Black Opium-  A beautiful scent with notes of vanilla, black coffee and florals. Inspired by: YSL Black Opium.
  • Crede- A bold, strong masculine scent. Inspired by: Creed Aventus.
  • Unstoppable Blue Fresh- A strong, fresh laundry scent. Inspired by: Lenor Unstoppables Blue Fresh.
  • Comfortable Strawberry & Lily- A fresh, fruity, floral fragrance. Inspired by Comfort Strawberry & Lily fabric softener.
  • Baccarat Rouge- A strong, luxurious scent. Similar to the luxury unisex eau de parfum. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between perfume and room spray?

Room perfume sprays contain a higher % of fragrance, which means the scent is stronger and longer-lasting in your room!

Which fragrance is best for room fresheners?

If you like a fresh scent, we would highly recommend our blue fresh room perfume. It’s our favourite to use in our kitchen and bathroom!

What is the best room perfume?

If you like strong scents, we would recommend our comfortable strawberry & lily room perfume.

What is a good room spray?

All our room perfume sprays contain a high % of fragrance, meaning they provide a strong, long-lasting scent.