Wax Melt Sample Boxes

Our Wax Melt Sample Boxes let you discover the fragrances of our most popular wax-based scents. Each box includes a range of unique wax melts from each of our bestselling categories: Relax & Retreat, with Comfort & Joy. Also see more of our range;

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use wax melt samples?

Our wax melt sample boxes contain 16 of our signature heart-shaped wax melts. To use a sample, simply take a heart from your sample box, snap it in half and pop half of the heart in your burner (also see our wax gift boxes and autumn wax melts products)!

How do you make a small batch of wax melts?

All our wax melts are hand-poured in small batches. We layout approximately 30 sample boxes, and pour each scent in turn, all with lots of love!

Do you use containers or pillar wax for wax melts?

Village wax melts are made from pillar wax and fragrance oil.

How do you store individual wax melts?

We recommend that you store your wax melts in their original packaging. This will stop the scent from leaching from the wax so you get the best experience when burning them. Once you have finished a pack of wax melts please rinse & recycle the clamshell.