Our Story

2017- Where it began!

We're Abi & Karl, a husband & wife team based in Manchester.
We first started Village Wax Melts back in 2017, a few years after we moved into our first house together as we struggled to find any wax melts we were happy with. We found most lost all their fragrance after one burn so it was getting expensive to keep our home smelling fragrant!

2018- VWM was growing!

We were blown away by the orders for our wax melts and our home was quickly taken over with wax, boxes and lots of customer orders! 😍 By summer 2018 we needed a solution to our house filling up with boxes so we built a shed in our garden to pour and pack the orders. Village Wax Melts first workshop- very exciting!

2019- Village Wax Melts first HQ

We spent our days pouring and packing orders, and we quickly reached over 30,000 Instagram followers- the word was spreading about our little business! It was clear we needed some extra space, and we heard there was some space available in a local mill.  This became Village Wax Melts first HQ!

The first bespoke wax melts in the UK!

We were constantly (and still are!) looking for ways we could improve our wax melts. In September 2019 we developed the first bespoke designed wax melts in the UK. A very proud moment for us!

2020- Stacey Solomon found Village Wax Melts!

In January 2020 the lovely Stacey Solomon shared our wax melts with her 2 million Instagram followers and things got crazy!

2021- Introducing the VWM warehouse

In March 2020 the country went into lockdown and we were grateful to be able to continue doing what we love. It was lovely to be able to add a bit of brightness to peoples day with a wax melt delivery!

In July 2021 we collected the keys to our 6000 sq ft warehouse and our amazing team continued to grow.

2024- Introducing Rebel Aromas

Meanwhile, through our love of fragrance we have been making our own perfumes and aftershaves for the last 2 years, and it has become clear to us that high-quality perfumes and aftershaves don't need to break the bank.

We considered introducing perfumes and aftershaves to Village Wax Melts but we decided they deserve their own limelight! So...

Introducing Rebel Aromas

Rebelling against expensive designer brands.Bringing you high-quality fragrance, without the luxury price-tag.

Rebel aromas is a separate website but still very much a part of VWM ❤️

We have developed a range of fragrances inspired by designer perfumes and aftershaves, including:

Thank you!

We'd just like to say a huge thank you for all your support over the years, as as small family business we truly appreciate every single order. We are so excited to share our new fragrances with you, we just know you are going to love them, we can't wait to hear your thoughts!


Abi & Karl

Village Wax Melts / Rebel Aromas xx

As seen in...

British Vogue, Metro, Your Home Magazine, Ok Mag, The Sun, Close Up Magazine, Good Homes Mag, Pick Me Up! Magazine & more.

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