Wood Wick Candles

Our luxury wood wick candles are simple & stylish in design and will sit beautifully in any room. The wooden wicks create a crackling sound when burning, similar to the sound of an open fire with wooden logs, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The candles contain the highest % of fragrance that candle wax can hold and provide 30+ hours of burn time. Please bear in mind, as the fragrance is burned in a candle rather than warmed, wax melts will always provide a superior scent to candles. 

Wood Wick Candles

Are Wood Wick Candles worth it? What's so special about Wood Wick Candles?

Wood wick candles provide the same relaxing environment and strong scent as regular candles, but they have the added feature of the wood wick which makes a crackling sound like a log fire whilst burning. Bliss! 

What are Wood Wick Candles scented with?

Our wood wick candles are scented using fragrance oil. We currently have 5 wood wick candle scents: Peony & Blush Suede, Lime Basil & Mandarin, La Vie Est Bon, Snow Fairies, and Woodsage & Sea Salt.