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Lavender Essential Oil Exfoliating Soap Sponge

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Lavender Essential Oil Soap Sponge Description

Lavender soap sponges are made using 100% pure essential oil.

Lavender essential oil has a delicate, sweet and floral scent with a powdery base.

Lavender is widely known to be a calming, physically and emotionally balancing fragrance. It is commonly used for its relaxing and soothing effects on the body and mind.

Lavender Essential Oil benefits are said to include:

Promotes relaxation

Relieves low mood

Aids with sleep

  • Last up to 4 weeks if used daily- no need to buy shower gel!

  • Exfoliate to remove dry skin.

  • Excellent at removing fake tan.

  • Liquid-free so you can pack them into your holiday hand luggage for holidays.

  • Lots of users with mild skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema have reported improvements in their skin.

  • Packed with at least 150g of moisturising glycerine soap

  • SLS free (SLS is a foaming agent that some people are sensitive to)

  • Can be used to clean your make up brushes as demonstrated by Stacey Solomon!

  • When your sponge is finished, use it for cleaning your bathroom!

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