Aperol Nights Room Perfume Spray 150ml
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Aperol Nights Room Perfume Spray 150ml

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Aperol Nights Room Perfume Spray Description

It's a summers evening and you're relaxing outside next to an open fire with a glass of Aperol Spritz. The warm air is filled with smoke from the crackling fire and you take a refreshing sip of your fizzy Aperol.

This luxurious zesty scent has notes of bitter orange, smoky woods  & musk to create this truly beautiful and unique scent. One that we're very proud of- this is our first exclusive scent that you won't find anywhere other than Village Wax Melts! 

Add an instant burst of fragrance to your room with a spritz of our Room Perfume spray. Use as little or as much as you like in each room to achieve the perfect amount of scent for you!