Scented Wax Melts

Get the perfect hand-poured, strong-scented wax melt home fragrance. Our scented melts products and candle melt scents are handmade in the UK and loaded with long-lasting scents. If you're wax melt addict and want long-lasting melts that snap easily down the middle, we offer you the perfect wax melt bar. They come stamped with our logo they stand out from the crowd.

Wax Melt Packaging

Our goal is to provide high-quality scented products that offer fragrance like any soy wax oil, without the luxury price tag. Often, when a company describes itself as ‘luxury’, this translates to ‘expensive’, and it’s usually the packaging you’re paying for, not the quality of the product. We wanted to avoid this happening with our business, so although the quality of our product and packaging has improved drastically over the years, we’re pleased to say that they are still affordable and great value for money! Perfect for a Christmas gift and better smelling than Febreeze. You can also check out the wax melt reviews.

Shipping and delivery

We aim to post all orders within 3 working days, however during busier periods shipping may take longer. If you would like an update on your order please email and quote your order number. In order to return an order, please contact us via email first.