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Lady Millions Wax Melt Description

Similar to the well-known female fragrance! Our Lady Millions Wax Melts includes the tart scent of raspberry, Amalfi lemon & neroli, accompanied by a hint of the delicate gardenia citrusy African orange flower and sweet Jasmine which all comes together to create a refreshing aroma.

 Handmade and hand-poured, these beautiful heart shaped wax melts have a gorgeous, strong and long lasting scent. 

 Each heart weighs approximately 14g and snaps easily down the middle (Pack of 3 weighs 40g net) and can be used in both electric and tea light wax warmers.

♥ The 3 wax melts come in a 100% recyclable packet, and we only use the best ingredients to ensure a high-quality burn, with a strong scent throw that lasts and lasts!

How do I use the wax melts?

  • Always use a burner designed for wax melts.
  • Check your burner regularly for hairline cracks or chips before use. Never use burners with cracks or chips as this can be a fire hazard.
  • Use 1 regular sized unscented tealight in your burner and do not add water.
  • Always keep out of reach of children and pets at all times. Electric burners are recommended to reduce risk.
  • Always keep in sight when burning. Never leave a lit tealight unattended.
  • Keep away from draughts.
  • Always pay attention to the safety information on the packaging.
  • Always keep your burner on a stable and heatproof surface away from fire hazards.
  • Remove all packaging before placing wax in your burner.
  • Use a suitable amount of wax for the size of your wax burner. Do not overfill.
  • Do not attempt to move your wax burner while burning.
  • FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with Spring Awakening wax melts?

Simply place one of the wax melts on the burner's surface. Turn on the electric warmer if you have one. Light the tealight and place it in the proper hole below the dish for tea light burners. The wax will melt and release its scent in only a few minutes.

Do wax melts evaporate

No, the wax melts in your burner do not completely evaporate. If you'd like further information or advice on how to remove the wax from your burner, you can read more here:

Why are spring wax melts popular?

Wax melts are a great way to add a long-lasting, low-cost fragrance to your house. Having gained popularity thanks to ‘cleanfluencers’ and celebs such as Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon, wax melts have seen a surge in demand over recent years! With affordable prices and strong, long-lasting wax melts loved by 1000s of customers, we have everything you need to discover the wonderful world of highly scented wax melts.

What is the cost of shipping?

P&P is £2.99 or free on orders over £30! Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours. Every order is posted tracked to ensure it arrives safely and promptly.

Which sized snap bars should I try first?

If you are unsure which scents to try our sample boxes are a great place to start! Our sample boxes contain 16 different wax melt samples for you to try and discover your favourites. You only need to use half a heart wax melt in your burner and each half a heart provides up to 8 hours of fragrance, so that’s up to 256 hours of strong, beautiful fragrance in total in each sample box!

How long do your wax melts last?

Our large, heart-shaped wax melts weigh approximately 14g each and stamped with our logo they stand out from the crowd! Our wax melts snap easily down the middle and you only need to use half a wax melt at a time. Half a heart wax melts should last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours.

What is the best way to remove a wax melt tart from a tealight burner or electric burner?

The best technique to get wax out of a tealight burner is to light it for approximately 10-15 seconds and then blow it out. The wax that is stuck to the burner will soften as a result of this. Hold the burner in one hand. Lightly push the wax to the burner's edge with the other hand. If you have an electric burner, turn it on for about a minute to remove the wax.

Are wax melts safe for pets?

Yes, our wax melts are safe to use around pets as long as they are kept out of reach.

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