Squeezable Wax Melts

Squeezable wax melts, as seen on Stacey Solomon's Instagram stories!

Simply shake the bottle, squeeze the wax straight into your candle warmer and enjoy the beautiful fragrance! 

These 100ml bottles are equivalent to 6 of our large solid heart wax melts, making it equally good value for money! 

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You only need to add a small amount of squeezy wax to your burner. The squeezy wax provides a strong burst of fragrance, whereas our solid wax melts provide a more subtle, longer lasting scent.

In accordance with the European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) (2009), information on the chemical composition and associated hazards of each fragrance is displayed on our products.

Squeezy Wax Melts Frequently Questions

How do you make squeezy scented wax?

Our squeezy wax melts are made using coconut wax, vegetable oil and fragrance oil. This creates the soft textured wax which enables the wax to be easily squeezed from the bottle!

What is squeezable wax?

Squeezable wax is scented with the same amount of fragrance as our solid wax melts, they are just made from a different, softer wax which means you can squeeze it straight into your large wax burner (wax melts)!

How long does scoopable & squeezy wax take to set?

The great thing about softer wax such as squeezy wax melts is that it doesn’t set fully hard in your burner. This means that even when at room temperature, the squeezy wax will wipe easily out of your burner!