Himalayan Salt Lamp Aroma Wax Melt Warmer
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Himalayan Salt Lamp Aroma Wax Melt Warmer

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Himalayan Rock Salt Wax Burner Description

Natural Himalayan salt purifies the air around you. Not only are these candle holders beautiful and calming but they also make the air clean, fresh and healthy to breathe.

Designed to take a single tealight candle, the flames give a warm glow bringing the pink tones and natural textures of the stone to life. As the salt warms up it releases negative ions which are claimed to help to improve mood, boost energy and even reduces symptoms of allergies.

The soothing glow and striking shapes of Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders will enhance the decor of any room. These natural works of art not only look stunning but are known for their enormous benefits to our well-being and keep the air around you healthy, clean, naturally ionized, and energetic.

Place your chosen wax melt or aroma granules in the top, light a tea light candle and place it underneath and wait for the amazing aroma to fill your room.

we love everything about the burners, we want to ensure you’re enjoying them safely. Whenever using a burner with an open flame, please keep in mind:

  • To use a 4-hour tealight candle
  • The burner is on a hot-safe surface
  • Never leave the burner unattended
  • Children and animals are out of reach
  • Nothing flammable will be close to the candle