difference between wax melts, squeezy wax melts and gel wax melts

What’s the Difference Between Wax Melts, Squeezy Wax Melts and Gel Wax Melts?

Wax melts have hugely increased in popularity in the last 5 years for several reasons:

Wax melts are affordable

10 years ago most people hadn’t heard of wax melts and would use candles, but once wax melts came on the scene people realised that you could fragrance your home for a much cheaper price than candles.

Wax melts are strong

Not only are wax melts cheaper than candles, they release a stronger fragrance too because the fragrance is being warmed and evaporating into the room unlike in a candle when it is being burnt.

They are fun to use!

Whether it’s normal wax tart melts, squeezy wax melts or gel wax melts, they are a fun and unique way to fragrance your home.

They come in lots of scents

Your favourite perfume? Your favourite fabric conditioner scent? It’s likely you’ll be able to get it as a wax melt fragrance!

Aliens Gel Wax Melt

Celebrities such as Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon love them

Such celebrities sharing wax melts on their social media channels has contributed to the boom in popularity of wax melts.

Now you understand the wax melt craze, lets discuss the different types of wax melts you can get from Village Wax Melts!

Heart shaped wax melts

Our unique wax melts are long-lasting and snap easily down the middle- you only need to use half a wax melt at a time! The 3 melts come in a 100% recyclable packet, and we only use the best ingredients. Our heart shaped wax melts are made from a blend of soy wax, mineral wax and fragrance oil to ensure a long-lasting, strong scent.

Fun fact: Village Wax Melts were the first wax melt company to put their logo on their wax melts. The unique, cute heart shaped stamped with the VWM logo is one of the many reasons 1000s of customers choose Village Wax Melts.

Village Wax Melts most popular wax melts scents include Crede, Snow Fairies, Rose Wonderland, Unstoppable Blue Fresh, Pumpkin Spice & Lemon Sherbert.

Squeezy wax melts

Squeezy wax melts gained popularity back in 2020 because of how easy they are to use! To use squeezy wax melts you simply shake the bottle, squeeze the wax straight into your wax warmer and enjoy the beautiful fragrance! 

The 100ml squeezy bottles are equivalent to 6 of our large solid heart wax melts, making it equally good value for money. Stacey Solomon is particularly fond of these, sharing them with her millions of instagram followers back in 2020. She was particularly fond of the pumpkin spice scent!

Gel wax melts

It’s fair to say, gel wax melts are definitely the latest wax melt craze! There are several reasons why we’ve all gone crazy for gel wax melts:

They are SO easy to use

Once you are ready to change your gel wax melt, you simply allow it to cool to room temperature, then peel the wax from your burner. Very Easy!

They create good social media content

The wax peeling from the burner is so satisfying to watch, content creators are sourcing gel wax melts just to make viral content.

They often last longer than regular wax melts

Due to the type of wax used, the fragrance is released from the gel wax slowly, meaning the scent from gel wax lasts and lasts.

They are fun!

We all enjoy trying something new, we’ve all tried wax melts but gel wax is a new, fun way to fragrance your home.

The scent is just as strong as regular wax melts

All the above benefits plus the same, strong and long-lasting scent. 


When Village Wax Melts launched gel wax melts in June 2022 we were blown away by the response from our customers. We decided to laucnh them because we tried gel wax melts (also known as jelly wax melts) and we fell in love with them ourselves, but we never imagined the level of support we would receive from you guys! We’re so glad you love gel wax melts as much as we do!

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