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Lemon Sherbet Exfoliating Soap Sponge

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Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge Description

Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge - Sweet Citrus Bliss for Your Shower!

Introducing our Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge, a burst of sweet, sugary fragrance that transforms your daily shower into a delightful citrus haven. Immerse yourself in the zesty essence of lemon sherbet, creating a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Key Features:

  • Sweet Citrus Bliss: Revel in the sugary delight of Lemon Sherbet, a sweet and uplifting fragrance that invigorates your senses.

  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Enjoy the sweet citrus bliss for up to 4 weeks with daily use, eliminating the need for additional shower gel.

  • Exfoliation Elegance: Let the soap sponge become your daily companion in exfoliating and removing dry skin, leaving you with a revitalised and smooth feel.

  • Tan-Be-Gone Specialist: Effortlessly remove fake tan, leaving your skin with a natural, radiant glow.

  • Travel-Friendly Citrus Burst: The liquid-free design allows you to pack this sweet citrus burst into your holiday hand luggage, ensuring freshness wherever you go.

  • Skin-Care Sensation: Users with mild skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema have reported improvements, making it a trusted choice for a skin-care sensation.

  • Moisturising Citrus Infusion: Immerse yourself in at least 150g of moisturising glycerine soap, offering a hydrating touch that pampers your skin.

  • SLS-Free Zest: Crafted without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), ensuring a gentle and zestful experience suitable for all skin types.

  • Makeup Brushes' Refresh: Join Stacey Solomon in using the soap sponge to refresh and clean your makeup brushes, adding a touch of citrus elegance to your beauty routine.

  • Multi-functional Citrus Gem: Once your soap sponge completes its citrus journey, repurpose it for bathroom cleaning. Let the sweet lemon sherbet linger as it leaves your bathroom sparkling.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Embrace eco-friendly practices with our packaging that is 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled plastic.

  • Doubles as a Stylish Tray: The Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge's packaging doubles as a tray, perfect for storing it in the shower or bath. The branded grid collects excess water, ensuring the sponge remains a citrus gem.

How to Use:

Elevate your shower routine with the Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge. Allow it to soak in water, releasing the sweet citrus fragrance. Bask in the luxurious lather, and let the sweet lemon sherbet transport you to a world of citrus bliss.

 Experience Citrus Elegance:

Treat yourself to the Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge and experience the citrus elegance of a sweet and sugary fragrance.

Indulge in Sweet Citrus Bliss:

Indulge in the sweet citrus bliss of the Lemon Sherbet Soap Sponge. Let the sugary lemon fragrance transform your daily shower into a moment of delightful indulgence.

    Customer Reviews

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    Curtis Barbara

    I ordered a lot of different products. Such quick delivery. Everything in the box was as described. Love loved them all. Would highly recommend this company

    soap sponges

    love them been using them for sometime now service is brilliant quick postage

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