What scents or wax melts are good for January?

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Table of Content

What scents or wax melts are good for January? - Village Wax Melts

January brings a fresh start full of hope and resolutions for the new year. As you celebrate the new year, a new candle or wax melt can be a great addition to your living space. Scented wax melts are great mood boosters and stress relievers. They add ambience to your home and create a relaxing atmosphere that can bring back memories and make you nostalgic. Here are some of the best wax melts to brighten your home this January.

Snow Fairies Wax Melts

Our first choice on the list is the snow fairies wax melts. Nothing screams 'Tis the season' more than the snow fairies wax melts. Its beautiful, uplifting smell combines vanilla, cherry, sweet cotton candy and juicy pear.
Additionally, this wax melt's heart weighs 14g and can snap easily so that you can use each half of the heart in a different part of your house. They are suitable for tea and electric light wax warmers.

3x Unstoppables Blue Fresh Wax Melts

Besides this product's fresh laundry scent with a mixture of fruity floral accords like soft citrus orange and green apple, this scented wax colour matches well with most home décor. Blue is known for its oceanic feel that makes you feel free and unbound. Now add the fantastic smell that comes with these wax melts, and you've got utopia in your living room.

3x Cosy Blanket Wax Melts

As the name indicates, the cosy blanket wax scent gives your home a clean and fresh cotton fragrance. So, if you want your visitors to feel at home in your guest room, you can use this scent to keep them calm and comfy in your home. This is thanks to the fresh floral scent of citrus and apple combined with violet, rose, and Jasmine, giving your home the long-lasting scent you desire.

3x Rose Prick Wax Melts

You can also kickstart your year with an essence of wild rose with hints of red fruits in your home. The creamy musk, amber and vanilla base matches well with the wild rose smell. The fun doesn't stop there with this scented wax. You can add fragrances like toasted marshmallows to add that new fruity smell to your home.

Golden Orchid Wax Melt

This elegant scent is marinated with a seductive hint of vanilla, creamy peach, honey rose and mimosa. It is suitable for your bedroom, as it calms the spirit and emotions after a long, strenuous day. Moreover, the golden orchid fragrance is suitable for areas in your home that are starved of fragrance, such as hallways, to boost its smell.

3x Burst of Sunshine Wax Melts

During the Winter in January, you need a burst of sunshine in your home and no smell can do it better than the Burst of Sunshine wax cube. This product comes with a fruity aroma of orange, creamy and green mint with a hint of floral scents like pine, rose, lily of the valley and Jasmine. Its base has a tonka bean, complex white woods and vanilla fragrance that harmonises with the fruity and floral scents. All these elements combine to create a nostalgic feel and reminder of summer days.

Kickstart Your January with These Amazing Fragrances

As the year starts, the home scents mentioned above will help you relax better in your home. They are also excellent mood boosters in the morning, giving you the energy to face the tasks ahead. So, pick whichever scent suits your home, and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere they bring.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do wax melts last?

Most wax melts can be stored for up to one year, during which they remain viable for use. When in use, wax melts can last between 5 -18 hours, depending on the quality of the wax.

Are wax melts healthier than burning candles?

Wax melts are more eco-friendly and usually last longer than candles. In addition, they are cheaper and safer to use than conventional candles.

How Do I choose the right wax scent?

That entirely depends on you and the smell you want to create in your home. Go for scents that make you feel good and uplift your spirit.

When should you replace your wax scent?

You can reuse wax scents as many times as you want. However, once the fragrance dies off, it's time to replace it.

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