How Fragrance Can Benefit Your Mental Well-being

Table of Content

Table of Content

Ways To Take Care of Your Mental Health with Fragrance

People have different coping mechanisms for handling their bad days. These bad moods and days might cause stress and affect everyone's mental health. Mental stress is not healthy for everyone – may it be work-related or another source of stress. 

There are a lot of things to do to avoid these stressors, but handling your moods and emotions may not be as easy as you think. Aside from unwinding, relaxing, and travelling, there are other ways to take care of your mental health and save you from bad days.

Using scented or aroma products is one of the underrated ways in giving yourself a positive mood and emotions. The fragrance has a lot of beneficial effects on the psychophysiological properties of a person. 

What Smells are Good for Mental Health?

What Smells are Good for Mental Health

Based on different scientific studies, fragrance reduces levels of mental stress. It has a calm and relaxing effect on mood. Scents indeed have benefits to your mental health condition.

It is necessary to know the recommended smells for you to be aware and experience the benefits of fragrances. Here is the list of the scents that you must try:

1. Rosemary

Drops of rosemary oil, perfumes, and the fragrance of scented candles and wax melts have beneficial effects on our mood and feelings. It can lessen and relieve stress and anxiety by making the person feel comfortable and calm. 

Aside from that, it is beneficial because it helps to improve your central nervous system activity. Inhaling rosemary essential oil lessens the stress levels of your hormones. 

Aside from that, rosemary prevents and fights bad breath. It is one of the benefits of rosemary oil. Rosemary essential oil can eliminate bad breath and cavities. Moreover, it is also helpful for having better skin health.  

2. Lavender

The scent of lavender gives you a vibe of calmness, freshness and a lighter mood. The smell of lavender essential can help you to have a stable and better heart rate. It has aromatic components that can give you a better deep sleep. 

Lavender has an impact on everyone's nervous system activity. It lowers the stress levels of a person, and it makes their mood and emotions stable. Also, lavender helps prevent other mental health issues. That's why taking a bath with lavender is also recommended. 

3. Bergamot 

The same with the said scents, bergamot is related to aromatherapy treatments. The bergamot scent is one of the most recommended. Based on previous studies related to aromatherapy, it can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Bergamot essential oil and other products with natural bergamot scent can be a tool in having a positive mood and treating work-related stress. 

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How do Fragrances Affect your Mood?

How do Fragrances Affect your Mood

Under the previous studies, electroencephalographic activity is significant in understanding the relation of fragrance to brain activity and cognitive performance of the brain.

Fragrance influences your mood, feelings, and vibe. It is because of the part of the brain that processes and functions the human sense of smell. It is called an olfactory bulb. This part of the brain is connected to the other part of the brain, called the hippocampus and amygdala, that functions for emotions and memory of a person. 

Different brain waves are affected by a wide range of fragrances. As per the scientific study, Lavender’s anxiolytic effects lessen stress and anxiety. It increases theta and alpha activity. Bath with Lavender scented candles or even body washes can help you to have positive effects on mood and lessen mental stress.

Theta wave activity indicates creative thinking, calmness, and daydreaming. It gives relaxation, alertness and accomplishing cognitive tasks accurately.

Aside from theta activities, other brain waves that are influenced by fragrance are alpha wave activities and beta wave activities. 

Alpha wave activity, as observed in our nervous system activity, reduced the level of symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions. On the other hand, beta wave activity has something to do with the mental and intellectual state, concentration and alertness. 

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Why is a Fragrance so Important?

Why is a Fragrance so Important

The fragrance is significant to everyone's mental health because it has soothing effects that reduce the level of stress, and it helps a person to lighten up their moods. It also improves cognitive activity and the electric activity of the brain. In addition, aromatherapy is helpful for adults with sleep disorders.

The benefits of aromatherapy may also resonate with the mental arithmetic task, athletic task performance, and cognitive activity. Memory task performance of a person can also improve through fragrance. Also, it balances or modulates the sympathetic activity of your nervous system.

5 Ways to use Fragrance for Improved Mental Health

Ways to use Fragrance for Improved Mental Health

1. Aroma Products

It is recommended to use aroma products to improve your nervous system and other brain activity. You can use essential oils like lavender essential oil. Also, the benefits of rosemary oil are indeed worth the price.

Also, essential oil contains physiological properties. Aside from that, scented bath bombs and air fresheners are recommended.

Moreover, the most used for relaxation are the scented candles and wax melts that give a more peaceful and calming mind. 

2. Display Aromatic Plants

The aromas of plants bring so much positivity because of their biological properties. Planting rosemary, lemon, oregano, or flowery plants can help you to improve your mental health. If aromatic plants aren't available, you may still display other plants, like snake plants, that lighten up the vibe of your home.  

3. Try Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a common part of aromatherapy treatments that can give soothing effects. Aside from the plants and other scented products, aromatherapy massage will surely help you to eliminate all the negativity and any work-related stress. 

4. Choose the Perfect Scent

Choosing the perfect scent, it's always up to your choice. Remember to choose the scent that gives you the calmest and most relaxing vibe. The plant's aromas may reduce mental stress and improve memory task performance.

5. Don't Fully Rely on Using Scents 

Never risk your mental health by being fully dependent on using scents. Yes, it's helpful, but it doesn't mean that it can cure your mental health conditions. Aside from consulting a professional behavioural health partner, you may try regular deep breaths and deep sleep.

Enough sleep and rest will also help you. Also, it is recommended to have fun activities during rest day. Any activity of a human that helps you to unwind will do.  

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, a wider range of mental health issues is encountered by many. That's why we should use and appreciate the benefits of fragrance. Any activity of aroma will surely bring relief and relaxation. 

There are many benefits of rosemary oil that you should not miss. Lavender and other scents are also a must-try. 

It has physiological, anxiolytic, and soothing effects that influence your mood and emotions.

The fragrance alone may not be the cure for stress and seasonal affective disorder, but it will indeed contribute to lessening the baggage in your mind. 

As mentioned above, the fragrance is beneficial, but you should not be dependent on it. If you think that your mental health is not stable, you must consult behavioural health partners.

Scents are helpful and aid in lightening our mood. If you're looking for where to buy the best wax melts, you must try Village Wax Melts!

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