7 Useful Safety Tips When Using WaxMelts

Table of Content

Table of Content

Useful Safety Tips When Using WaxMelts

A single candle lit up may mean enlightenment metaphorically. On the other hand, using scented candles brings more than just enlightenment, as it gives user relaxation because of the formulation of fragrance oil that comes along with it.

However, using single, average, or traditional candles may not be cost-efficient, as their hours of burn time are not long enough to utilise as the entire candle dies out, regardless of its wax type.

Every candle maker knows about this struggle. That is why candle wax is placed in a glass jar in pursuit of prolonging the life of the candles, limiting the airflow inside the glass, and when the user decides to reuse the candle again, they would have to stock candle wicks to replace the one that is burned.

However, for users for a safer alternative to candle design, also taking into consideration the candle use time, emissions from the candle, and ensuring the quality of life tests, WaxMelts has found the perfect solution.

The standard method is still there, but WaxMelts went beyond the extra mile by taking pieces of wax and placing them on an oil burner that serves as a candle warmer. Eventually, a melt pool would be created, ditching the use of harmful chemicals from the type of scented wax melts and electric wax warmers.

WaxMelts is a wickless candle with a better use time, lasting long up to a 4-hour burn.  

To know more about the perfect candle, also known as the WaxMelts, how raw candle wax is fashioned with fragrance load, and how it is a good alternative for candles, read more below.

5 Reasons to Choose WaxMelts Over Candles

Reasons to Choose WaxMelts Over Candles

1. Longer Burn Time Hours

Village WaxMelts burn longer than scented candles in a glass jar because one of the factors in determining the burn time is the amount of fragrance oil used.

Since just the right amount of fragrance oil is used in making Village WaxMelts, versus the formulation of scented candles, Village WaxMelts can last up to 28 hours per ounce.

2. Enjoy it Flame-free

The traditional use of flaming candles is gone, as WaxMelts uses heat surface instead, an effective method of indirect heat from the Tea Lights, also known as the Tealight Candle.

3. Cost-Efficient

Scented candles are significantly more costly than Village WaxMelts because of the use of glass jars, candle wick, and fragrance oils, which WaxMelts drastically reduced to ensure cost-efficiency.

4. Alternative to Candles

WaxMelts do not require wicks to be used. A single tealight and a hot warmer are enough.

5. Easy to use and convenient

Homes with children often worry about kids playing with flames. Because of Village WaxMelts, it is easier for you to set the mood and light up WaxMelts.

Is WaxMelts Worth It?

Having WaxMelts in your home is rewarding because there isn't a need for anything, just the cooled waxes from your previous burn.

Unlike the scented candles that need to have another wick for you to enjoy. Plus, scented candles are often challenging to utilise, significantly when they have cooled down half their container.

So, the next time you realise that you need to have a self-care day and candles are mainly part of it; you may opt to have Village WaxMelts.

Seven helpful safety tips when using WaxMelts

1. The dish may crack if there is not enough oil or wax to melt. Ensure a good amount of wax or oil in the glass dish when heating up.

2. Good tealight quality is required. Ones with lower grades tend to alter the heat exchange of your burner.

3. There should be a considerable distance between the burner and the bottom of the dish.

4. Sizes of the burner must be proportioned to the tealight; a large tealight in a small burner will end up cracking your dish, and vice versa.

5. The burner should only be moved when the melted liquids have completely cooled down.

6. The burner would always want a heatproof and fireproof surface.

7. Using sharp objects to remove wax in the dish is highly hindered; the sharp objects will scratch the container. To remove any solidified wax, apply a small amount of heat and wipe it with a cloth or paper towel. 


Is Burning Candles Safe or Bad for Your Health?

Of course, inhaling too much smoke can harm your health.

However, since WaxMelts only produces little smoke and is not burning all day long, experts say that the risk is so insignificant that it imposes little to no threat to human health.

If you love candles, it's beneficial to reduce the amount of WaxMelts you burn and place them in a well-ventilated room so the airflow is well-regulated.


One of the key takeaways that we want to impart here is that, sometimes, there are things that we overlook that already harm our health.

For instance, there is nothing wrong with using candles; some are made from harmful chemicals and, with frequent use, could eventually cause health problems.

With Village WaxMelts, you can ensure safety because it is flame-free, cost-effective, and derived from nontoxic wax. 

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