Tips to Maximise Scents From Your Reed Diffuser

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Table of Content

Tips to Maximise Scents From Your Reed Diffuser

Adding your favourite fragrances to your home is easy with reed diffusers, fashionable addition to the house and a highly safe and energy-efficient method to scent your home. The reeds absorb the fragrance oil and naturally emit a pleasant aroma into the air.

You might be wondering how to maximise the smells your diffuser emits. Here are a few pointers to help you utilise your diffuser to its full potential and some advice on taking care of it.

What is a Reed Diffuser, and How do They Work?

What is a Reed Diffuser

In terms of house aroma, reed diffusers are highly popular. They function without a flame or heat source, making them a safe and helpful method to add scent to your house

Fragrance oil and a base liquid are combined to make a reed diffuser. Take off the plastic plug and metal screw cap, then screw them back onto the bottle.

A reed diffuser absorbs the oil and pushes it to the top to disperse the lovely fragrance throughout your house. The liquid and scent permeate the reeds, which are then turned over and spread scent into the air.

Benefits of Reed Diffusers

You might be wondering when it's advisable to select reed diffusers over scented candles or an electric aroma diffuser.

Reed diffusers provide a variety of unique advantages:

1. Safe

Reed diffusers don't utilise heat; therefore, they don't need a flame and don't produce soot. They can thus be left alone and unattended.

2. Longer Lasting

Reed diffusers constantly provide a consistent scent 24/7. Candles fragrance significantly faster than reed diffusers. Depending on the temperature and humidity, a 250ml diffuser may scent an area for up to 12 weeks. They fragrance your home more gently.

3. Requires no power to work

Reed diffusers don't need an electrical outlet. They may be positioned anywhere throughout the house.

4. Stylish

The reed diffusers look amazing. A lot of them are packaged in elegant glass or ceramic containers.

How to get the Most out of Your Diffuser

  • Place consideration - How well the fragrance is spread depends on where you place your reed diffuser. The steady air movement from high-traffic areas helps to distribute the lovely aroma.
  • Keeping them away from open windows or fans will prevent them from wasting too much scent. Set your diffuser in a room that is free-flowing and dust-free.
  • Rotate your reeds with particular caution - Because the oil from turning your reeds might harm furniture, be sure to do it on a non-porous surface. 
  • Flipping Out - The fragrance oil performs best when applied to a clean, dry surface. The aroma will diffuse faster and stronger the more you turn the reeds.

Where's the Best Place for a Reed Diffuser?

Your diffuser's placement will significantly impact on how the aroma spreads throughout your house.

Listed below is the best advice for choosing the ideal location:

  • Take the area's size into account. It is necessary to utilise many diffusers in big spaces with high ceilings. Consider using one or two fewer reeds in smaller areas.
  • Set the diffuser in high traffic area—the air movement and motion in the space aid in dispersing and circulating the fragrance.
  • Put your diffuser away from an open window and heated places. Your fragrance oil will use up more quickly. A heated environment can cause your fragrance oil to evaporate rapidly, so stay away from radiators and hot surfaces.
  • Keep Reed diffusers at nose height. Getting those lovely fragrances as they emerge through the reeds is essential.

How Long do Reed Diffusers Last?

100ml of diffuser oil ought to last 3-4 months on average. However, factors like heating systems, airconditioner, open and closed doors, and dehumidifiers are variables that impact how long it lasts.

Always follow the directions provided with the product to guarantee that your reed diffuser is appropriately maintained.

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General Safety for Using Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are highly safe and energy-efficient methods. Listed below is safety advice in using Reed diffusers:

  • Do not let the oil come in touch with your skin, polished, painted, synthetic surfaces, or textiles.
  • Never leave your diffuser near animals or children.
  • Avoid drinking the liquid. This is harmful.
  • Avoid open fires, and do not light the reeds. Reed diffusers could catch fire.
  • Diffuser fluids might damage surfaces. Before setting the glass bottle on a secure, level surface, remove any remaining oil from the bottom of the container.

How to Care for Your Diffuser

Reed diffusers still require light, gentle maintenance. Given that the reeds are the engine for beautiful scent dispersion sometimes flipping them will aid in refreshing your fragrance.

  • Use the natural reeds that come with your diffuser instead of bamboo. Poor quality reeds can quickly get clogged, reducing the smell throw.
  • If you notice your reed diffuser is getting low on oil, let it evaporate completely before refilling. It's better to start with fresh oil than to add it to old oil.
  • Do not mix the fragrance oil with water to dilute it and make it last longer. The oil and water will separate and make the reeds warp.
  • We recommend using a coaster or matt under your reed diffuser as oil drips can cause damage to wooden, painted, varnished or plastic surfaces. It's also a good idea to flip the reeds over a sink.


A reed diffuser is the simplest method to get the perfect fragrance for your place! It comes with several advantages and is easy to maintain. Experience the most lovely house scent with the help of highly popular, safe, and family-friendly reed diffusers.

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