5 Reasons You Should Buy From Village Wax Melts To Fragance Your Home

Table of Content

Table of Content

5 reasons to choose Village Wax Melts

You may be thinking, why choose Village Wax Melts over another small business or a big brand?

Here are our 5 reasons to choose Village Wax Melts:

  1. You are supporting a small family business

As a small, family business we truly appreciate every single order. VWM is owned by husband and wife team Karl and Abi, who employ a small packing team and a small pouring team. By ordering from us you can be assured that every single order is poured and packed with love in our Manchester based workshop!

  1. Our wax melts are affordable

Our goal is to provide high-quality scented products, without the luxury price tag. Often, when a company describes themselves as ‘luxury’, this translates to ‘expensive’, and it’s usually the packaging you’re paying for, not the quality of the product.

We wanted to avoid this happening with our business, so although the quality of our product and packaging has improved drastically over the years, we’re pleased to say that they are still affordable and great value for money!

  1. We’ve been around since 2017

There are 1000s of fabulous wax melt businesses around now, but this wasn’t the case back in 2017 when we started out. The reason we started Village Wax Melts is because we struggled to find the long-lasting, strong wax melts we were looking for, so we decided to develop them ourselves!

We are continually testing and improving our products, and the benefits of buying from our business is that we truly believe we have, over time, developed the best wax melts!

  1. We test our products extensively

You can be reassured that every single product we launch has been tested to ensure they are not only excellent quality, but that they are also safe to use in your home! Please always follow the safety instructions includedin your orders.

  1. Our wax melts are strong and long-lasting

Over the years we have tested, tweaked and improved our wax melts on several occasions (check out our wax tart scents and wood wick candles).Each of our heart wax melts provides up to 18 hours of fragrance, all for less than £1!

Still unsure? You can browse our 80+ scents here: www.villagewaxmelts.com

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