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Best Bath Bomb Scents in 2022

A delicious-smelling bath bomb is always the cherry on top of a relaxing, luxurious bath-time experience. So, if you’re in need of a bit of pampering and are wondering what are the most popular bath bomb scents – all will be revealed.

The 16 Best Bath Bomb Scents in 2022

Most Popular Bath Bomb Scents

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, here are the sixteen most popular bath bomb scents with aromas to sooth, elevate, and add a little luxury to your day.

1. Spa Himalayan Salt Lady Millions Bath Bomb

Inspired by the well-known and well-loved fragrance by Paco Rabanne, the Lady Millions bath bomb includes the summery scents of raspberry, Amalfi lemon, & neroli, and is accompanied by a delicate hint of the citrusy African orange flower and sweet Jasmine, all of which unites to create a refreshing bath-time experience that’ll make you feel like you’re enjoying a lavish getaway in an exotic destination!

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2. Snow Fairies (Ice Queen) Bath Bomb

Created with the luxury cosmetics brand Snow Fairy in mind, the Snow Fairies (Ice Queen) bath bomb boasts a beautiful, uplifting fragrance that features a combination of juicy pear, sweet cotton candy, vanilla, and cherry fruits; all of which provides a nostalgic, fruity bubble-gum aroma. So pop on those rose-tinted glasses, run a bath, and soak up the sweetness!

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3. Black Opium (Twilight Opium) Bath Bomb

Inspired by the glamorous and mysterious fragrance “Black Opium” by Yves St. Laurent, this dark, intoxicating bath bomb will take you away from the stresses of the day with its notes of black coffee, white florals, and vanilla.

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4. Fierce (Sauvage For Him) Bath Bomb

The suave scents of the Fierce (Sauvage) bath bomb are inspired by the men's aftershave Sauvage to deliver a bath experience for him that is teeming the juicy freshness of Bergamot and ambergris to unleash a powerfully woody trail aroma that will elevate your mood to the dizzying heights of the mountains.

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5. Mademoiselle Bath Bomb

The ultimate strong, feminine scent, inspired by Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

With top notes of orange blossom, mandarin oranges, and bergamot; middle notes of mimosa, jasmine, rose and Ylang Ylang; and base notes of patchouli, vanilla and vetiver, your bath-time experience will whisk you away to the glamour of Parisian pampering heaven!

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6. Pomegranate Black Bath Bomb Unisex (Noir)

A bath bomb to be enjoyed by both him or her (or together…), the Pomegranate Black Bath Bomb (Noir) is teeming with a rich, vibrant, scent that is similar to the well-known unisex Jo Malone Fragrance, Pomegranate Noir.

With top notes of juicy plum and pomegranate that compliment a heart of patchouli and violet, this bath bomb guarantees a darkly seductive bath-time experience.

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7. Invincible Bath Bomb (Invictus For Him)

Similar in aroma to the legendary male fragrance by Paco Rabanne, this masculine fragrance opens with strong, fresh grapefruit notes, and a marine accord that leads to the heart of aromatic bay leaf and Hedione jasmine, and a woody base of guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss, and ambergris. This delightful mix will help you wind down the day into peace and relaxation.

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8. Lost Cherry Bath Bomb (Missing)

The luxurious fragrance of the Lost Cherry bath bomb is inspired by Tom Ford: Lost Cherry, and boasts a mouth-watering fruity floral scent, with notes of cherry liqueur and almond to guarantee a delicious, opulent bath-time experience.

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9. Alien (Space Girl) Bath Bomb

Alien (Space Girl) is a mysterious, distinctive, and magical scent inspired by Thierry Mugler: Alien, which guarantees to make your bath-time out of this world. Brimming with a rich floral fragrance of jasmine, sambac, cashmeran wood, and white amber, run a bath and soak into a galaxy far, far away!

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10. Flower Bomb (Love Bomb) Bath Bomb

The Flower Bomb (Love Bomb) bath bomb is rich with a blend of mandarin, bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, and hints of orange tree, with orchid, freesia, and rose on a base of patchouli, and smells similar to the well-known designer perfume by Viktor & Rolf. So add a little high-class glamour to your bathing experience and soak away into a floral dream!

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11. Crede For Him (Billionaire) Bath Bomb

The Billionaire bath bomb is inspired by the aftershave, Creed Aventus, and is a strong, masculine fragrance featuring a blend of the most desirable scents for him.

With top notes that include blackcurrant, bergamot, apple, and pineapple, and heart notes of rose, birch, jasmine, and patchouli, and base notes of musk, ambergris, and finally vanilla, this invigorating blend of aromas guarantees to dispel any daily stresses.

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12. La Vie Est (Beauty Belle) Bath Bomb

A sweet and feminine fragrance that is inspired by Lancome: La Vie Est Belle. This beautiful, summer-like scent opens with fruity blackcurrant & pear hints, and is followed by warm base notes of tonka bean, patchouli & vanilla, and finally the key notes of iris, surrounded by orange blossom. This bath bomb is the ultimate in elegance.

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13. Eucalyptus Essential Oil Bath Bomb

Eucalyptus is a well-known and much-loved aroma that is renowned for encouraging relaxation, opening your sinuses, soothing tense muscles, and boasts many antibacterial properties.

The primary components of eucalyptus oil are terpenes, such as cineol, pinene and limonene. These aromatic compounds cause the eucalyptus plant to have a minty, exotic scent that is sharp and compelling.

As with mint, inhaling eucalyptus opens your sinuses and clears your head, and has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. So, welcome in the best, clearest version of you, with the Eucalyptus Essential Oil bath bomb.

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14. Baccarat Rouge Bath Bomb (Unisex)

Similar to the luxury unisex eau de parfum of the same name, the Baccarat Rouge bath bomb boasts top notes that include saffron and jasmine. Its middle notes are Amberwood and ambergris, and finally its base notes are fir resin and cedar. This rich, fragrant bath bomb can be enjoyed by him or her.

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15. Lemon Sherbet Bath Bomb

Bursting with a sweet, citrusy aroma, and exactly like the lemon sherbet sweets we enjoyed as kids, this sweet, acidic bath bomb will take you by the hand on a journey to the sweet shops of yester-year!

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16. Soap N Glory Bath Bomb (Glorious)

Inspired by the well-known bath & body scent of the same name, this bath bomb boasts a fresh, fruity, citrus scent, with notes of bergamot, summer rose, peach, strawberry, gardenia blooms, jasmine, patchouli, and warm amber musk. A guaranteed bath-time winner right here!

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