Stacey Solomon and Village Wax Melts

Stacey Solomon and Village Wax Melts

Stacey Solomon’s favourite wax melts- Village Wax Melts!

Stacey Solomon has been a big part of Village Wax Melts journey since 2020, but you may be wondering, who is Stacey Solomon!? 

Well… lets go back to 2009, Stacey finished in third place on the sixth series of the signing talent show X Factor, and then in 2010 Stacey won the tenth series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 

Since then, Stacey has been known as the nation's sweetheart, as she won us all over with her warmth and friendly nature.

Stacey Solomon now appears on TV shows Loose Women and Sort Your Life Out, and due to her popularity, Stacey now has over 5 million Instagram followers!

Stacey Solomon and Village Wax Melts

Stacey Solomon and Village Wax Melts

Let’s go back to January 2020, just before COVID-19 took over the world, we decided we wanted to gift Stacey Solomon some Village Wax Melts as we were enjoying her Instagram content, and like the rest of the UK, we have loved her since her X Factor days!

We sent Stacey some Village Wax Melts via her manager, and unbelievably, Stacey shared them on her Instagram page increasing Village Wax Melts followers by 7,000 overnight!

Since that day in January 2020, Stacey has enjoyed and shared a variety of Village Wax Melts products, including;

  • wax melts
  • wax melt burners
  • exfoliating soap sponges
  • wood wick candles. 

Stacey also demonstrated how you can use a Village Wax Melts exfoliating soap sponge to clean your makeup brushes:

Stacey Solomon shows how she cleans her ‘gross’ make-up brushes – without using soap | The Sun

Stacey Solomon uses this £4 body product to perfectly clean her dirty make-up brushes – OK! Magazine

Village Wax Melts has even worked with Stacey on a couple of personal occasions…

Stacey Solomon’s Baby Shower Favours

@villagewaxmelts When you get to make wedding favours for the wedding of the year 👰‍♀️🤯 @Stacey solomon 💞 #staceysolomon #waxmelts #wedding #summerwedding #weddingtiktok ♬ Home (Option 1 - The Young Ebenezers

In 2021, Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash welcomed their first daughter together, Rose. For Stacey’s baby shower just before Rose was born, Village Wax Melts made some wax melt baby shower favours for Stacey. The wax melts were pink and shaped like baby feet. The scent of the baby shower favours was baby powder, and the tags were covered in Roses, inspired by Rose’s name.

Soon after the baby shower, Rose arrived, and Stacey shared the news with the world on her Instagram page; ‘’Introducing Rose Opal Esmè Solomon-Swash to the world. Our beautiful flower – Our precious jewel – who is ever loved. It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose We feel so so lucky to have you here…”. Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have since welcomed another beautiful baby girl, Belle!

Stacey Solomon’s Tap To Tidy Book

In 2021, Stacey released her first craft book ‘Tap To Tidy’. The purpose of the book was to share crafty and creative tips and tricks which we were all used to seeing and enjoying on Stacey’s Instagram during lockdown.

In her own words, Stacey said 'If you're reading this, then we have something in common .... Whether it's a love of getting crafty, meticulously organising or making fun-shaped snacks! I find it hard to sit still, but losing myself in a craft project or tidying a drawer is my form of meditation. I

t's a chance for me to forget about the things going on in the world around me for a minute. I hope this book helps you to lose yourself for a moment, too - and that you enjoy reading it and even, maybe, having a go at some of the bits inside. Lots of Love, to the moon and back.'

When we purchased Stacey’s Tap To Tidy book in 2021, we were blown away to find out that Village Wax Melts were featured in the book! Stacey included a ‘small business shoutout’ section at the back of her book and Village Wax Melts were featured as one of Stacey’s favourite small businesses!

Stacey Solomon’s Wedding Favours

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash finally got married in 2022 after two years of planning their perfect day. Stacey and Joe first started dating in 2015, and got engaged on Christmas Eve 2020. While they were due to tie the knot in July 2021, they decided to push back the big day after Stacey fell pregnant with baby Rose.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash tied the knot at their Essex home AKA Pickle Cottage, which Stacey transformed into a magical setting for the wedding of the year. In a glimpse of the wedding set up, Stacey shared on her instagram the beautiful wooden gazebo with a thatched roof, which was put up in her garden.

Rows of wooden tables and white chairs were laid out in three long lines and decorated with white and green flower garlands. 

Strings of fairy lights and flowers were hung on the exposed beams throughout the gazebo, with a head table also in view.

Village Wax Melts made wax melt wedding favours to go on the head table and the guest tables for the seated meal at the wedding.

The wax melts were a bespoke design for Stacey & Joe, in the colours sage green, white and gold, and the fragrance was one of our favourites- Raspberry and Peppercorn. The full Village Wax Melts team felt honoured to be part of such a special occasion.


Stacey Solomon has been a big part of the growth of Village Wax Melts, from gifting some wax melts to Stacey in 2020 to supplying baby shower favours, wedding favours, and a book feature!

As a small family business, we will always be grateful for the support Stacey has given us.

Stacey Solomon continues to support Village Wax Melts, and currently, Stacey has 5.6M followers on her Instagram:

You can also find Village Wax Melts on Instagram below:

If you would like to try some of Stacey Solomon's favourite wax melts, you can browse Village Wax Melts website by clicking the link below:

Village Wax Melts

Some of Stacey’s favourite scents include Crede, Fresh Linen, Raspberry, and Peppercorn, and in autumn Stacey loves Pumpkin Spice wax melts. P.s don’t forget to try Stacey’s hack of cleaning your makeup brushes using one of our popular exfoliating soap sponges!

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