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Table of Contents

How to Fragrance your Home Step by Step

6 Tips To Fragrance Your Home

The smell of your home is one of the first things you notice when you open the front door. Everyday we are overwhelmed with various scents both good and bad, so you deserve to have your home smelling just the way you like it!

There are many different ways to fragrance your home and not every product or scent suits every room. Some provide a light fragrance all day without the need to be plugged in, some provide an instant burst of fragrance and some provide a strong fragrance for several hours.

So lets get started...

Step 1. Set up Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are made up of a base oil which is designed to naturally evaporate in your home, fragrance oil to provide the beautiful scent and reeds to soak up the mixture and allow it to spread throughout your room.

They provide a subtle yet noticeable fragrance all day long and all they require is a light breeze from doors opening and closing or simply walking past them. This makes them perfect for small rooms, corridors, hallways and radiator covers.

Reed diffusers also last a long time; a good rule of thumb is 50ml of liquid per month, so a 150ml reed diffuser should last around 3 months. Reed diffusers come in all shapes and sizes and are highly decorative so you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

Reed diffuser refills are now becoming reasonably common, so once the liquid has evaporated you can simply buy a reed diffuser refill instead of a full reed diffuser.

Finally, reed diffusers are very easy to get hold of either online, on the high street or in supermarkets. With literally 1000s of scents to choose from you can be sure your fragrance is out there somewhere!

Step 2. Use Scented Wax Melts

Wax melts are simply fragrance oil or essential oil blended together with wax. Wax melts are very easy to use and provide a strong fragrance for hours and hours. To use wax melts you do require a wax warmer.

These are very easy to get hold of online and in supermarkets and you can choose between electric and tea light wax warmers. Tea light wax warmers provide a lovely homely feel with the flickering of the tea light whilst electric wax warmers are a bit more convenient as they just require turning on and off.

Simply pop your wax melt in the dish of the warmer and enjoy hours and hours of fragrance. Wax melts are very popular and there is a huge selection of scents for you to try in all different colours, shapes and sizes.

The greatest advantages of using wax melts are: you can regularly change the scent to suit the time of day and mood, you have good control over how much or how little fragrance you use by simply turning the wax warmer off when you’re happy, wax warmers are decorative ornaments so can help complete a room, and wax melts are affordable and provide excellent value for money.

Step 3. Light Lush Scented Candles

Candles have been around for centuries and they certainly still have a solid place in the home. Candles are available from almost anywhere in any size, colour and scent.

Candles can both help you relax after a hard days work and lift your mood with their beautiful fragrance. Although candles have significantly increased in price over the past 10 years it is still fairly easy to get a good quality candle at a fair price.

On the other side of the coin you can pay 100’s for a candle which doesn’t necessarily offer good value for money. With so much choice you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a statement.

Wood wick candles crackle like a cosy fire, triple wick candles make a stunning centre piece to any table and single wick candles can finish your home.

Step 4. Use Scented Room Sprays

Room sprays provide an instant burst of fragrance to your home and are perfect to use in the bathroom, after cooking or when you have the odd unexpected guest.

Room sprays are made using a non-oily base, which is designed to spray a fine mist. This is then mixed with between 5-10% fragrance oil to provide a fragrance that lingers.

Some room sprays are fabric friendly so you can lightly spray your sofa, cushions and curtains. Just remember to do a patch test to ensure it doesn’t stain.

Step 5. Fragrance with Air fresheners

Air fresheners are a convenient way of keeping your home smelling fresh and come in many forms such as plug-ins, spray canisters and pump bottles. Plug-in air fresheners drip feed fragrance in to your room.

Some have adjustable settings to give you greater control of how frequently it emits fragrance. Pump bottles and spray canisters offer you the option to quickly spritz the whole house with a light fragrance.

They are also affordable and available at most supermarkets and corner shops however they do come in limited fragrances.

Step 6. Cleaning & laundry

Almost all cleaning and laundry products are scented, from bleach to fabric softener. Keeping a clean home is key to keeping bad smells at bay.

The products you use will go on to keep your home fragranced choices balanced and effective so make sure to choose cleaning products that suit your taste.

Fresh laundry also plays its part in providing a subtle scent to your home so make sure you choose scents that make you happy.

However you choose to fragrance your home it is always a good idea to use multiple methods so you are equipped for any circumstance weather that’s relaxing with a glass of wine, entertaining guests, enjoying a soak in the bath or eliminating bad smells.

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