How many times can you use wax melts?

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Table of Content

How many times can you use wax melts? - Village Wax Melts

How many times can you use Village Wax Melts? This is a question we are asked a lot! The answer is quite simple- you can use your wax melts as many times as it takes to release all the fragrance oil. You should achieve between 8 and 12 hours of fragrance from each wax melt.

However, this does vary depending on the quality of the wax melt and the type of wax burner you use, and there are lots of other factors that can affect how many times you can use your wax melts.

How many times can you use wax melts

The most common mistake with wax melts is thinking the more wax the better the fragrance. This isn't always true. If you like a strong fragrance or you are trying to scent a large room you need the wax pool to be slightly hotter, and if you like a mild fragrance you want the burn pool to be cooler.

The hotter the wax, the stronger the scent. However, a hot wax pool will reduce the amount of times the wax melt can be used before all the fragrance has evaporated.

The more wax you place in the dish of your wax burner the cooler the wax pool will be therefore this will provide a more subtle long lasting scent.

Finding the right balance of heat and the quantity of wax in the wax burner dish will ensure you always get the most out of your wax melts for your particular preference. This can be made easier by using a thermometer to measure the temperature of your wax pool once fully melted.

A good general rule is for a subtle fragrance the wax pool should be about 80 degrees C, and for a stronger fragrance your wax pool should be around 90 degrees C. If your wax melts start to release smoke they are too hot and the tealight should be extinguished straight away.

The best way of achieving the ideal temperature is by adding small quantities of wax at a time to your wax burner and checking the temperature after 5 minutes.

You can always add more wax but taking it away is not as easy once it has melted. This process should be done with every brand of wax melts you use as every company's blend is different and each has different optimum temperatures.

Top tip: Remember to weigh your wax melt at the beginning and at the end so you know how much you have put into the wax burner dish!

The good news is once you know how many grams of wax to use to achieve the perfect balance of fragrance you wont need to do this again unless you change your wax burner for a different style. You can also tweak how many grams you use for different fragrances to suit your personal preference!

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