Best Gifts for Scent and Perfume Lovers in 2024

Table of Content

Table of Content

Best Gifts for Scent and Perfume Lovers

Scented candles and wax melts- the perfect gifts for perfume lovers! 

We know what the power of a good scent can possess. It can trigger memories and invoke deep emotions. 

If you are thinking of gifting a friend or family member a scented present, it can be even more special if you choose a scent which is personal to them, such as their favourite perfume scent in a candle, or their favourite fruit as a wax melt

Scented candles and wax melts

Scented candles and wax melts

Whether they prefer clean & fresh scents, perfume scents or fruity scents, at Village Wax Melts we have the perfect wax melt for everyone!

 Here are some of our top scents and when to use them: 

1. Floral scents 

These are a great choice during the summer months. Floral scents are soft, relaxing, romantic, and calming to the mind. If you love floral scents we would recommend our wax melt scent English Pear & Freesia.

2. Citrus scents

These scents are mood-lifting and energizing. Wax melts with citrus notes are great to use in kitchens and bathrooms to keep the air smelling fresh. If you love citrus scents we would recommend our wax melts Avobath, Lemon Sherbet and Lime, Basil & Mandarin!  

3. Fruity scents

These scents are associated with happiness and fun. These scents also usually work well in the kitchen.  If you love fruity scents we would recommend our wax melt scent Juicy Mango! 

4. Woody scents

Smokey, woodland scents can make you feel grounded and at peace. The aromas are warm and inviting. They are perfect for a cosy evening at home. If you love woody scents we would recommend our wax melt scent Wood sage & Sea Salt.

5. Fresh

Our clean & fresh wax melts are our most popular scents! They will make you feel fresh and invigorated. Fresh scents work well all around the house, especially after a day of cleaning! If you love clean & fresh wax melts, we would recommend the scents Fresh Linen, Unstoppable Blue Fresh & Spring Awakening.

6. Masculine

Masculine wax melts will have a bold, unique scent. They are ideal to have in a study or a man cave!  If you love masculine scents we could recommend Crede or Savage. 

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The perfect gift

Buying the perfect gift can be tricky! If you would like some guidance on which scents your loved one may like then get in touch!

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