The Ultimate Guide To Gel Wax Melts (Jelly Wax Melts) For 2024

Table of Content

Table of Content

Gel Wax Melts (Jelly Wax Melts): Ultimate Guide For 2022

Gel Wax Melts (Jelly Wax Melts): Ultimate Guide

gel wax melts review and buying guide

Gel wax of jelly wax melts are the latest wax melt craze and there are several reasons why:

  1. They are SO easy to use. Once you are ready to change your gel wax melt, you simply allow it to cool to room temperature, then peel the wax from your burner. Easy!
  2. They create good social media content. The wax peeling from the burner is so satisfying to watch, content creators are sourcing gel wax melts just to make viral content.
  3. They often last longer than regular wax melts. Due to the type of wax used, the fragrance is released from the gel wax slowly, meaning the scent from gel wax lasts and lasts.
  4. They are fun! We all enjoy trying something new, we’ve all tried wax melts but gel wax is a new, fun way to fragrance your home.
  5. The scent is just as strong as regular wax melts. All the above benefits plus the same, strong and long-lasting scent. 

Now you understand what gel wax melts (also known as jelly wax melts) are, we will answer some FAQ’s:

Can I use a wax warmer or a wax burner with gel wax melts?

The quick answer is that gel wax melts should be okay to use as long as your wax burner is higher than 11 cm. Like any other wax, gel wax should not be used in oil burners; nevertheless, if the wax starts to smoke, blow out the tea light right once since it poses a fire danger. It's crucial to keep a tight check on whatever you use, especially new wax melts and wax burners, to ensure your safety. Additionally, this will ease your mind going forward.

As with all wax melts, never leave gel wax melts alone. If using a tealight wax burner, only use standard-sized, unscented tealights.

Are gel wax melts compatible with electric burners?

Yes, electric wax warmers are becoming more and more popular since you can adjust the power level and they don't require tea lights, making them a safer alternative. Due to its high melting point, gel wax is better suited to the medium and high power settings on an electric wax burner; nevertheless, the smell may be richer in a tealight burner as they heat up to a higher temperature, releasing more fragrance.

The advantages of gel wax melts

Once the wax has cooled, gel wax melts make it quite simple to remove it from your wax burner. Just pull it away from the platter. It is quite gratifying! Gel wax melts have a longer melting time than other waxes because they melt at a greater temperature. The scorching fragrance throw of gel wax melts is extremely strong. Gel wax is also suitable for vegans.

From what is gel wax made?

Gel wax is a synthetic wax with a slow melt rate that is created from mineral oils and polymer resin. It has a long-lasting burn. This makes it entirely translucent and gives it a rubbery feel. Gel wax emits roughly 40% more luminosity than conventional paraffin wax due to its transparency, which allows for more light to enter your house when used in candles.

What is the lifespan of gel wax melts?

Gel wax was made with lingering fragrance in mind. It takes a lot longer for the aroma to fully release since it melts at a much higher temperature than paraffin or soy wax. Per 40g pod, you may anticipate 40 hours of scent.

Gel wax melts are they safe?

Our gel wax melts have undergone rigorous testing, just like any other one of our products. They are a secure and reliable way to scent your house.

Never leave any candles, wax melts, or gel wax melts unattended and always abide by the safety instructions on your wax burner and gel wax melts.

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