Are Wax Melts Safe For Dogs & Cats?

are wax melts safe for cats and dogs

Wax Melts, like any other fragrance-containing product, can hurt your pet, regardless of wax type. There was no discernible difference in soot emissions between wax kinds, according to the broadest research of different waxes ever done.

It is true that the aroma can be hazardous to your dog or cat. Fragrances are chemical compositions that incorporate natural elements such as Benzene, which has a sweet aroma and is widely used in wax melts, but can cause respiratory difficulties in both humans and pets.

The scent in wax melts may also contain a small number of allergens to which you or your pet may be allergic - the allergens are easily discovered on the product package.

The following is true of any fragrance-containing product, and you'd have to examine the product's composition to find out what it can do.

Any fragranced product should be used in moderation. Village Wax Melts, for example, has a dog at home and may eliminate specific odours from the home environment if they see a difference in him.

Is it safe to use wax warmers near pets?

While wax melts and wax warmers (see best wax warmers) are generally safe to use around pets, caution is advised. To begin, look for non-toxic essential oils or fragrance oils in natural waxes. To avoid soot and naked flames, keep any wax melts out of reach of pets and use an electric heater.

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